About TiltShift

This site was created so iPhone users around the world easily could share and enjoy TiltShift photos created exclusively on the iPhone. The TiltShift technique is fun to do, but it’s even funnier to watch what others come up with.

TiltShift is a technique that makes large objects look like small miniature models. This is done by applying focus and manipulating the depth of field. When the effect is applied the eyes are tricked into looking at the image as miniature models. Real cool!

The pros use special TiltShift-lenses and different techniques to achieve the effect. All we have is the iPhone, but it is possible to get pretty close to the real thing with the use of fake focus.

I have a iPhone 3GS and I create the TiltShift-photos in Photo fx by The Tiffen Company ($2.99). The easiest way to do it is probably to use TiltShift by Michael Krause ($1.99).
I will create tutorials for both apps and they can be found in the Tutorials-section on the right.

Read more about TiltShift-photography at Wikipedia.com.


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